Over independence years the Republic of Uzbekistan has become one of the main participants on the world cotton market.

This is largely due to attention, paid by the government to the activities of the “Uzpakhtasanoatexport” holding company. One of the examples of development and improvement of the cotton industry system can be attributed to the traditional annual International Uzbek Cotton and Textile fair. The current year differs from the recent ones that the International Cotton Advisory Committee has been given high confidence in holding the next forthcoming plenary meeting which will take place in the sunny capital of our country in framework of the International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair.

Currently for this landmark event for the cotton industry, the “Uzpakhtasanoatexport” holding company jointly with the interested ministries and departments, as well as the secretariat of the International Consultative Committee on Cotton (ICAC), preparatory work is being carried out to hold the 76th plenary meeting of the ICAC at the highest level. Devoted to the subject “Cotton in the era of globalization and technological progress” and the 13th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair, which will be held on 23-27 October 2017 in Tashkent.

The work of the plenary session and the International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair is expected to involve about 1500 foreign guests from more than 44 countries, as well as domestic manufacturers and specialists. It is planned to hold about 16 open and thematic sessions on the development of the cotton and textile sectors in individual countries, tendencies in the world cotton market, aspects of its trade, logistics and insurance. A range of issues related to the genetics and biotechnology of the selection of cotton varieties will be discussed (it should be noted that Uzbekistan has great achievements in this field), agricultural machinery for growing cotton, and also paid special attention to issues and achievements in the field of primary cotton processing, fiber, its textile processing. It is the fact that such a large-scale world forum is held in the Republic of Uzbekistan testifies to the growing authority of our country in the world cotton and textile arena, its transformation into a world cotton center that determines trends and prospects for the development of the cotton and textile industry that influences formation of rules and conditions for world trade in fiber, yarn and finished textile products.

The “Uzpakhtasanoatexport” holding company in cooperation with other ministries and departments makes every effort to ensure that the respected participants and guests of the fair have a favorable impression of the time spent and the results achieved by the republic in independence years.

We hope that such a global event in the cotton sector will give a positive impetus to the dynamic development of the cotton and textile industries of the Republic of Uzbekistan, thanks to which there will be an opportunity to expand geography of sales markets for Uzbek products.

Uzbek generosity and hospitality will be your constant companion during those days that you will pay a visit to Uzbekistan.

We will be pleased to welcome you at the 76th plenary meeting of the ICAC and at the 13th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair on October 23-27, 2017 in Tashkent.